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Bühlmann is a law firm based in Zurich specialized in business law. It currently counts eight professionals, who offer assistance on all legal aspects related to the development, the distribution as well as the marketing of products. Among the main practice areas of the firm we distinguish: E-commerce and Internet, Distribution and Trade, Competition and Advertising, Sport and Sponsorships and Customs related problems.

Bühlmann’s attorneys share a linguistic factor: they all speak two languages and can relate to an international clientele. Most Bühlmann’s attorneys accomplished their studies in prestigious foreign institutes. To better meet the needs of their clients, at Bühlmann they avail themselves of the support of a network of highly specialized foreign law firms and of associations relevant for the treated practice areas.


WHAT IT IS is the website we have created for a law firm of international fame. It is organized in several sections: “Bühlmann Lawyers SA”, “Practice areas”, “Team”, “E-commerce Of-Counsel Network”, “Professional network”, “Appointments and activities”, “Publications”, “Internet & IT für Bund, Kantone und Gemeinden”, “Br-Tool box”, “Jobs”, and “Contacts”.


Bühlmann Attorneys at Law Ltd

The section contains all the information relative the law firm's profile. It has three pages: "Buhlmann Rechtsanwalte AG", which presents the law firm to visitors, focusing on the different cases treated by the "Team of attorneys" , page that briefly introduces the group of attorneys, and the "Fee", which deals with the economic aspects of the consultancies."



Those who wish to receive further information on the legal cases treated at Bühlmann’s can consult the relative section, which describes the main areas of practice of the firm. The section has twelve pages: “E-Commerce & Internet”, “Corporate law”, “IP& Technology”, “Life Sciences”, “Media”, “Privacy & Trade”, “Werbung”, “Competition” and “Customs”. For every type of consultancy we have listed the encompassed cases and the name of the referent attorney. Each internal page allows access to the profiles of the attorneys and to consult the news published on the subject.



Those who are interested in contacting a specific attorney can browse the “Team” section, which offers an overview of the firm’s attorneys. The section indicates, in particular, the role inside the firm, biography and main practice areas of every attorney. Users can also download a V card with their contacts.



This is an informative section addressed to clients that wish to receive e-commerce assistance. In particular, here Bühlmann presents the network of which the group is part and of which it takes advantage for consultancies related to foreign law, a circuit of law firms that includes French, German and Italian territories. The aim of the section is to inform users on the benefits deriving from the additional service.



Bühlmann is a prestigious law firm, part of different associations of the sector and, more in general, linked to trade. The “professional network” section describes the groups of which the firm is part, distinguishing between “partnership” and “membership”.



In parallel to clients’ consultancy, Bühlmann takes care of external relations taking advantage of different channels. First of all, participating at the most important national and international congresses of the sector. Secondly through a network of educational events designed by the firm, which also include webinars, this is online seminars. The “Appointments and activities” section gathers both the events attended by the lawyers and the ones organized by the firm and it is articulated in the pages “Events”, “Webinars” and “Presentations”. “BR in the media”, part of the same section, is dedicated to the press review.



As business law experts, the attorneys of the law firm contribute to the writing of different volumes and periodically write articles for sector journals. Furthermore, the attorneys have developed a series of guides relative to the themes that are treated everyday at Bühlmann’s. The section is divided in two pages, “Journals / Books”, which presents the more recent publications on books and papers and “BR –guide / BR-Papers”, inherent the practical guides of the law firm.



Personal data protection is an increasingly current theme, especially in an interconnected environment where administrations communicate with citizens using the most popular social networks, like Facebook. Through the section “Internet & IT für Bund, Kantone und Gemeinden”, the law firm proposes itself as referent and offers consultancies in this sphere to public administrations.



It is a very particular section containing a series of  “basic” contracts relative to the regulations of online shops and personal data protection. The facsimile documents can be freely used by visitors. In fact, to download them no registration nor agreement stipulation with Bühlmann is required.



Bühlmann’s educational offer is not limited to online seminars. Periodically, the firm welcomes students and allows them to take part in an internship. “Jobs” is dedicated to all those university students willing to undertake this activity and provides further information on the legal training periods. The section is made of two pages “Short-term internship”, addressed to foreign students, and “Legal training” reserved to future German attorneys.



This section provides users with the information to reach the firm’s location with the main public means of transport. The page allows also to send an email to the attorneys.



We have been tasked by the client to re-design their website. Again, we were asked to focus on the infrastructural integration aspects, while the client took care of the graphic layout.

The website has been entirely realized with the last 3.2 django CMS version. In addition to taking care of the implementation of the graphic draft provided by the client, we arranged with the firm some training sessions for their content editors in order to allow the client to manage the insertion of contents of their future website on their own. In fact, the website is currently in German and English, but you will soon be able to see integrated the Italian and French contents.

Although we had been tasked exclusively with the website redesign, the law firm wanted to focus also on the news section. We have been asked to create e a particular menu with the two main voices that had to be clearly separated from the rest of the browsing paths. Together with the client we have reconsidered the paths from an UX optic and have chosen to create two separate menus on the top page, one for the website and the other dedicated exclusively to the blog. We agreed with Bühlmann to give greater visibility to the blog by creating a slideshow in the homepage, inside which every photograph is linked to the article of reference.

A similar reasoning was made for what concerns the Team page. In fact, it was decided to keep the big photo gallery on the right side and reserve the remaining space to the biographies of the attorneys.

As always, we created a responsive website, which means it can be browsed also from mobile devices.