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Breast Atelier

Breast Atelier is a private beauty clinic based in Zurich. The team of doctors is composed of professionals specialized in plastic surgery that boast years of experience in the field. Breast Atelier’s team of surgeons focuses particularly on breast resizing and reconstruction. Furthermore, the medical staff helps patients during their ambulatory path through a pre and post operation counselling sessions, offering the best solution possible from an aesthetic point of view, and also for the patient’s health.


WHAT IT IS is the corporate website of the clinic. Here, users can find relevant information on the surgical operations performed at the facility. The site is organized in six sections: "Über Breast Atelier", "Brustvergrössenung", "Brustverkleinerung", "Bruststraffung", "Kontakt" and "Anmeldung".



This section is dedicated to the Breast Atelier’s business profile and is divided into three sub pages: "Über uns", which briefly describes the philosophy of the clinic, "Ärtze", where users have the opportunity to learn more about the team and to check the professional curriculum of each surgeon, and "Team", where Breast Aterlier introduces the assistants, part of the medical staff.



These three voices provide all the information relative to the operations. The first, "Brustvergrössenung", looks at those who would like to increase the volume of their breast, while the second, "Brustverkleinerung", instead, is addressed at those who would like to reduce it. The third voice, “Bruststraffung”, was designed for users in need of further information on breast remodelling.

Each type of operation has six sub-pages: "Operation", "Beratung", "Nachsorge & riskien", "Vohrer- nacher-bilder", "Haufige fragen" and "Kosten". "Operation" provides an overview of the intervention. Browsing through this page, prospect clients can learn more on the type of anesthesia, the duration of the operation, the technologies used and the measures to adopt in the period that follows the operation. Those interested in the counselling service can browse the section "Beratung", which briefly introduces the options included in the package. "Nachsorge & riskien", instead, informs users about the consequences that can occur in the weeks following the operation and on the risks related to that type of intervention. The website, in the section "Vohrer-nacher-bilder", provides users with an overview of the obtainable results and with a photo-gallery rich in pre and post operation photographs. Lastly, those who wish to receive further information regarding the advised age for undergoing that type of operation, recovery times and collateral effects, can also visit the section "Haufige fragen", dedicated to the FAQ.

Each page described so far focuses on a particular aspect of the ambulatory path. "Kosten" does not provide information related to health aspects, instead, it refers to the indicative cost of the different types of services.



Browsing through “Kontakt” users can learn more on the opening hours, address and telephone numbers of the facility. This page also allows users to contact Breast Atelier via email and get directions to reach the clinic.



Here users can book an appointment at the facility and plan the pre operation counselling session. To make the booking, users just need to select their preferred date and time on the calendar and fill in the specific form indicating name, surname, phone number, email and type of intervention. Similarly to “Kontakt”, “Anmeldung” too allows to forward an email to the staff and get directions for reaching the facility.



For what concerns the Breast Atelier project, we took care of the website redesign. In particular, our team focused on implementing all the infrastructure implementation aspects, while the client dealt with the graphical aspects.



In order to redesign the website, it was necessary to define a new strategy focused specifically on the user experience. The starting point was to, together with the client, identify the main objective of the website. Once the goal was defined, it was possible to plan the browsing paths and to reorganize the contents. The result is a website made of five major areas and of an intuitive menu, inside which the different types of operations cover a major role. Moreover, it was decided, with the client, to rethink the footer and confer it with a strong identity. In the current layout, in fact, the footer hosts the main menu, this way it was possible to remove the scrolling of the page and to guarantee an easier user experience.

The objective of the website is to provide prospect clients with information regarding surgical interventions conducted at Breast Atelier. To help users consult the sections dedicated to breast reduction and remodelling, it was chosen to add a “fast” menu with only three voices, “Brustvergrössenung”, “Brustverkleinerung”, and “Bruststraffung”.

We had in mind the implementation of the website’s responsiveness from the first draft. For our client it was important to allow potential clients to access information on the clinic’s activity from any device. It was also essential to allow users to book a counselling session through their smartphones. was, in the optic of future developments, entirely created with django CMS 3.2. In fact, currently the website is only in German but we are planning to add other languages shortly.